Hi, I am AJ,
a Digital Product Designer.

I am original from Germany, currently living in Amsterdam. Working at the intersection of user experience design and business strategy. Driven by human-centered design thinking, I shape futuristic products that will impact our lives in the years to come.

Currently, I am freelancing for a startup in the Netherlands, where I develop an AI-powered gardening dashboard.

Previously, I had the privilege to lead multidisciplinary teams developing products used and loved by thousands. For clients including UniCredit, MunichRe, Mammut, and more.

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 "Our lives might be complex and messy, but the interactions with our products shouldn't be."


I enjoy pushing my boundaries at work and in my free time. Take sports, for instance: I go swimming, ballroom dancing, hiking, sailing, and paragliding.

I love technology! Besides designing digital products professionally, I engineer IoT devices and autonomous robots for fun.  

My curiosity lets me venture into the world far outside the beaten track. I explored 35+ countries across four continents in my 39-year-old Toyota Landcruiser. Crossing war zones taught me to stay calm and diplomatic.​​​​​​​

I seize every opportunity for an adventure and spent several years abroad. Every journey I embark on opens my eyes to new experiences and cultures. I enjoy leaving my comfort zone and interacting with people from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

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